BIC Sport Techno 293 One Design DTT One Design Sailboard (White, 293x79-cmx12.5-kg)

Date:August 30, 2015 1:24 am

What helped the Techno 293 OD become such a successful Class Racing board was it's general performance and easy control. With a high volume and moderate outline, the Techno 293 OD provides a stable platform for learning to windsurf. A daggerboard provides directional stability and makes sailing upwind a breeze. In light winds, the near 3m overall length helps the board really glide through the water, making windsurfing an exciting option in sub-planing conditions. Once the wind comes up, the concave hull helps boost the board onto a plane making for great funboard sailing. It's lightweight and solid construction ensure that the performance and durability remain even after intensive use. Competition aside, the Techno 293 OD is ideal for learning and leisure funboarding. The Techno 293 OD is a reliable, high performance board, that excels in a wide variety of conditions for a wide type of sailor.

  • The Techno 293 OD DTT, a sailboard from beginners to avid sailors and racers
  • Bic Sport Epoxy CTS Construction for a strong, stiff, light and fast board with exceptional durability
  • Comes complete with Footstraps, Integrated 60 cm Daggerboard, and 46 FF Deep Tuttle fin. Sail and rig not included.
  • 4mm thick pads with 8mm under heels for comfort and control
  • Race in one of the strongest windsurfing classes today!