Best Kites 13m Waroo Kitesurfing Kite Only with EZ-Pump

Date:February 20, 2014 2:48 pm

The 2010 Waroo allows you to take your freeriding further, faster and higher than ever before.

The addition of Twister Tech and the new Flat-Pack LE construction make the 2010 Waroo more responsive and fun to fly than ever before. Revised canopy profiling delivers huge depower while a new Delta-wingtip design ensures that this will be the easiest relaunching Waroo you have ever owned.

The 2010 Waroo comes with a revised VP3 bridle for perfect stability and ABC Auto Tune for confidence-inspiring versatility and ease of use. Our legendary Suf Tough build quality, 3D Kevlar Airframe and original Canopy Framing ensure your Waroo can withstand any abuse you throw at it.

If your riding style includes a little bit of everything, then the Waroo is the perfect kite for the way you ride, nothing else comes close.

  • Twister Tech and Flat Pack LE construction
  • 3D Kevlar Airframe
  • VP3 Bridle
  • ABC Auto Tune