9' Performance Soft Top Foamboard Long Surfboard Foam Surfboard Longboard by Greco Surf

Date:August 29, 2015 9:01 pm

THE EDEN "The feel of a longboard, the performance of a funboard" Measurements: • 9′ x 24" x 3.8" • Approximately 92.4 liters of volume • Weighs approximately 17 lbs Technology: • Greco Surf Respired technology • Double reinforced hand chosen, treated and cured wood stringers • 6oz top and bottom internal epoxy core • Double concave Materials: • High density lightweight IXPE deck • HDPE reinforced plastic bottom • Closed cell EPS foam core Leash • 9' High-End leash included • Clear TPU high strength leash with custom Greco blue • Built in rail saver • Built in key compartment Fins • Three fin set up • 3 thruster 4" fins included • 9" 4th Fin included for 2+1 setup or single fin configuration • Rounded edges for safety • Made of durable nylon/fiberglass for more rigidity and thrust ABOUT Greco Surf is a team of creative designers that have an acute love for building and innovating the modern day foam surfboard. We work hard to advance the technology of these boards so that we can proudly call ourselves The Home of the Soft Performance Surfboard. Because of this desire, we are pushing the industry to new standards and demanding more from the creation of our shapes and technology. Our highly experienced team of shapers and engineers work hand in hand to create what the general public considers the best soft performance surfboard on the market. More than anything, we value our customers. We understand that whilst virtual shopping has increased, unfortunately customer service has decreased. We make sure that we work just as hard at creating an atmosphere where the consumer feels that its questions, feedback and concerns are always met with a quick, timely and resolute response. Lastly, we are keen to make the experience of choosing a surfboard exciting again. Our passion for life is evident in both our products and service. We have devoted much of our time to enhancing our site and its design layout.

  • 9′ x 24" x 3.8" / Approximately 92.4 liters of volume
  • Three fin set up: 3 thruster 4" fins included / *9" 4th Fin included for 2+1 setup or single fin configuration.
  • Double reinforced hand chosen wood stringers
  • 9' High-End La red Leash included
  • 6oz top and bottom internal epoxy core